Forum: eRm 0.12-0 on CRAN

Posted by: Reinhold Hatzinger
Date: 2010-04-19 15:55
Summary:eRm 0.12-0 on CRAN
Project:eRm - extended Rasch modeling

Changes in Version 0.12-0

o for RM, RSM, and PCM: eta parameters are now
diplayed as difficulty parameters
print and summary methods changed accordingly

o new labeling of eta parameters in RM, RSM, and PCM.
they now are labeled according to the estimated
parameters for items (RM), items + categories (RSM),
items x categories (PCM)

o function MLoef for Martin-Loef-Test added

o df in personfit and itemfit corrected

o the logLik functions now extract the log-likelhood
and df into objects of class logLik.eRm and loglik.ppar
with elements loglik and df. the corresponding
print methods have been modified accordingly.

o function coef.ppar to extract person parameter estimates added

o option for beta parameters added to coef.eRm

o in confint.eRm: default parm = "beta"

o minor modifications in the help file for IC()

o plotPImap: revised rug added, bug concerning item.subset fixed,
minor modifications to enhance readability

o minor modifications in plotjointICC: allows for main title and colors,
option legpos = FALSE suppresses legends, removed,
legend = FALSE produced incorrect labeling

o minor modifications in plotICC: allows for main title and colors,
default coloring with col = NULL instead of NA for compatibility,
option legpos = FALSE suppresses legends, mplot is now FALSE if
only one item is specified

o plot.ppar: removed

o option 'visible' in print.ifit und print.pfit to allow for avoiding
overly long output and for extraction of infit and outfit values
(maybe changed to a coef method later)

o strwrap() for NPtest print methods to break long lines

o new methods IC.default and pmat.default for enhanced error messages

o lazy loading package and datafiles

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